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Claudio Sanchez & Chondra Echert Sanchez “A Favor House Atlantic” Coheed & Cambria Acoustic


Claudio Sanchez - “2s My Favourite 1” [Acoustic, ft. Chondra Sanchez]

Push towards the dance floor
And together we’ll show them who’s boss
We’ll set a fire once more

I’ll leave you this week with a live acoustic rendition of the final song on the last Coheed and Cambria album - “2s My Favourite 1”.

Claudio and Chondra met while the band were on the road in 2003, and married in 2009. Chondra has performed in Coheed as a backing vocalist on various tours in that time, including their second tour to Australia (the Sydney show of which I attended) and on the Neverender DVD. She’s now a permanent member of The Prize Fighter Inferno, and the two have also collaborated on unrelated comic book projects released on Claudio’s comic publisher Evil Ink. They will be having their first baby this year.

This video is beautiful. I’ve been listening intently to the progression Coheed has taken over the last decade, and along with that I’ve been able to watch the whole band grow. Yeah, the music changed, but look: the introverted, angry young man who created Second Stage Turbine Blade and In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 - along with an entire sci-fi universe that he could insert himself into in an effort to deal with his own personal demons - has become happy, adjusted, warm. Claudio insists that his anxiety is still a major problem, so those demons still exist, but they seem to be kept at bay. For now at least.

Love has been a major theme in the Coheed and Cambria universe, but it’s usually a poisonous love: a parents love of their children, one so strong that they’d be willing to murder them to prevent a lifetime of pain and destruction; a romantic attachment so intense it causes severe mental anguish; an impossible love shared between a pair who cannot physically be together. It’s more often a destructive force in this story.

But here we are, after all that, the story complete, and Claudio is singing with the love of his life, confessing:

You were my every wish
I admit that I will never feel alone

Once I call you home

It might sound cheesy, but dammit, this is Coheed and Cambria! You roll with the cheesiness, you fucking embrace it, you enjoy it, and it enriches you. At least, it did for me.